” The silence of dogs , it becomes all the more valuable. The company of the people find peace of mind , where words lose all their significance . “

John Galsworthy

We live on the outskirts of Budapest in a large detached family house. In our family we always had dogs , but more variety we know in our hearts for kindness , intelligence and high character of the Golden Retriever is displeased with himself . As our dog Gödöllői by Diana Hunter “Dia “has left us we wanted to alleviate the gap left generated a new Golden purchase . The breed choice was clear , but the sex has caused serious headaches . Roland , of course, for the purpose of hunting boar would have liked a male , so we chose the woodland garden kennel where ” Fred ” comes from.

Then, as a surprise for my partner arrived ” Fifi ,” the Strawberry Goldens kennel “F ” litter one of the most promising female . At the request of Breed promised to take part in exhibitions with it . So we tasted our dog into both the world of trade shows where beginners and achieved good results.

In addition to shows regularly train our dogs . My son was eager for first train education for Fredi . Roland waited , thinking if adolescents Fredi to continue his training . Levi and Fred inseparable pair , Fred complaisance and supple character of Levi ‘s love , patience and perseverance thanks to a successful examination and ability to work together remains undiminished.

Roland is still wished a little goldens who can form and whom he personally deal . Select your new puppy already took much more time, so we took our kennel Laurel Armani Diadem ” Ármi ” , who is an Estonia imports new blood lines represent Hungary.

For us, dogs are family members who are free services to the home and garden as well. With their comes changed our lives , we know a lot of people a lot of friends from day to day we learn more and more about this exceptional breed . We spend our free time dog show , dog training and camps . We are happy to have such a wonderful dog owners we spent time with them and we all pleasure.

Special thanks to:
Zsuzsanna Angyal who takes care of our dogs and their abilities and conditions .
Handler Renáta Kazár .
For show hair and outfit Nikolett Havasi became responsible .

Silye Györgyi and Roland Scharb